Immune Support Premium Kit

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Vitamin C Shield – Support your immune system with vital nutrients and antioxidants

Immune Shield – Full-spectrum immune support with five scientifically studied ingredients

Mega NAC + Quercetin – Helps support good respiratory health as well as lung and liver function

Mega NAC + Quercetin

  • Clinically effective dose: Delivers 600 mg of high-quality N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), the precursor to L-glutathione, at the daily dose shown to work in clinical studies
  • Powerful detox: Traps and flushes out harmful toxins and impurities from the body and supports the liver’s natural cleansing process
  • Breathe easier: Promotes optimal lung and respiratory function while supporting a healthy response to inflammation
  • Free radical neutralizer: Potent combination of NAC to boost production of the body’s “master antioxidant”, plus an added 600 mg of the flavonoid Quercetin to fight cell oxidation and support a healthy immune system
  • Increases absorption: Features our patented form of Black Pepper Extract, clinically shown to increase nutrient absorption and bioavailability by at least 30%

Vitamin C Shield

  • Body Kitchen’s immunity formula protects you from day-to-day exposure to unfavorable factors that can harm the body and weaken the immune system
  • Boost your immunity with 1,000mg of Vitamin C in one single serving. This powerful Vitamin C formula can also be used in combination with any of our collagen formulas for improved skin moisture results
  • With powerful Dihydroquercetin for optimal immune system response. This unique plant flavonoid may enhance Vitamin C’s action to support a healthy immune system response
  • Our patented form of Black Pepper Extract, standardized to 95% piperine, was clinically shown to improve overall nutrient absorption and bioavailability by at least 30%

Immune Shield

  • Our advanced Immune Shield formula is a combination of minerals, herbs, and a patented and clinically studied dried natural yeast that taps the power of fermentation to deliver robust immune support
  • Immunity Shield is an effective way to help you stay healthier throughout the year. In other words, it acts like a multivitamin for your immune system by using a complex range of nutrients
  • With 200mg of Beta Glucan for enhanced immunity protection. These polymers increase immunity response by increasing macrophage-cell action
  • With 300mg of Olive Leaf Extract (standardized to 20% oleuropeins) that acts as an anti-infection agent. This germ-killing nutrient works in conjunction with other minerals to destroy harmful bacteria and inhibit its ability to spread
  • Enriched with essential minerals such as Zinc and Selenium which are crucial to a healthy immune system

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