Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein 15g


  •  100% Complete Protein: The only type of collagen that delivers all 9 essential amino acids plus 10 non-essential amino acids—the building blocks of connective tissue to support:
    • Lean muscle
    • Firm, smooth skin
    • Strong hair and nails
    • Supple joints
    • Strong bones
    • Healthy weight and metabolism
  • Easy to Absorb—Pure, grass-fed protein molecules are ‘hydrolyzed’… they’re broken down into smaller parts to enhance absorption and usability
  • More Protein per Serving—At 15 grams of pure protein per serving, it packs more protein than many leading brands
  • MCT Fortified—Contains concentrated coconut MCTs for a quick boost of energy, plus the good fat+protein combo helps satisfy cravings
  • No Allergens—Pure protein power with no dairy, soy, egg or gluten
  • Delicious, Natural Flavor—Made with organic cocoa for a rich, decadent chocolate taste