Elderberry Immune Support

Elderberry Immune Support – Can Elderberry Boost Immune System?

Elderberry can refer to the fruit of a number of different trees and shrubs in the Sambucus genus. Elderberries have been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries, as have other parts of the plant (especially the flowers). Elderberries are credited with a number of positive benefits, including immune support. They’re often used in remedies for coughs and colds, as well as for general protection against immune-system infections.

What are elderberries?

The berry that’s typically used in traditional medicine is the fruit of the Sambucus nigra, although other members of the genus may also be used. Sambucus nigra grows into a small tree, with umbels of tiny white flowers that form small dark berries in clusters. Elder trees are very useful. The flowers can be used to make delicious drinks and syrups, while the fruit can be prepared in different ways as a food or a medicine that reflects a very berry flavor.

How to take elderberry

Elderberries are a delicious fruit, and can be consumed fresh with no preparation, but let’s be honest: not everyone has access to an elderberry tree forest, so supplements containing substantial amounts of this berry are highly beneficial and that’s why at Body Kitchen we’ve decided to formulate an Elderberry product that reflects all the benefits of this berry.

Choosing the right elderberry supplement

Elderberry’s reputation as an immune system booster is fairly well-deserved. Elderberries contain a significant amount of Vitamin C, anthocyanins, and other antioxidants which can help boost immune system function. Body Kitchen’s Nordic-Elder Shield uses a clinically studied patent of Sambucus Nigra that contains a polyphenol spectrum to support upper-respiratory health. Nordic Elderberry Shield is designed to provide the health benefits of consuming 27g of fresh elderberries, this is why we’ve decided to use a 27:1 ratio. Our outstanding ratio provides a higher lectin content which supports the immune system from pathogens that can harm the immune system.

But getting these magical berries inside a capsule is not that simple and if using the wrong extraction methods, you can end up taking an elderberry supplement full of toxins and/or chemicals. At Body Kitchen we keep everything clean, we use proprietary clean water extraction process that maintains the elderberries natural matrix while gently removing much of the simple sugars.

Elderberry can also be used in conjunction with other immune-boosting supplements. A great combination will be Nordic-Elder Shield and Mega NAC. While the right ratio of elderberries (27:1) can create a fast impact when it comes to boosting the immune system, Mega NAC is a powerful formula that helps support good respiratory health as well as liver and lung function by detoxifying the body. The combination of these two nutraceuticals can help create that total-protection shield against harmful environmental factors.




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